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Eye popped out of guppy #1
I’ve just noticed one of the eyes on my guppy has popped out of the socket. I don’t think it’s popeye. It’s looks almost like blood pressure has forced it out? Is that possible? She’s very pregnant.

200l tank
2 bristlenose catfish
5 guppies
6 Cardinal tetra
1 wood shrimp
2 Amano shrimp
2 assassin snail
Water change weekly of 20%

Any advice would be hugely helpful.
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Re: Eye popped out of guppy #2
That is possible or she may have a bloating condition. [In my own case, I have an elderly tetra who had eye damage from spats with his shoalmates and this eye is extremely distended - but he's been living perfectly well with it for the past year.]

If I were you, I'd increase the weekly water change to at least 30% (anything up to 50% is fine). If there are no other problems or changes in behaviour, then that should suffice. If there are further problems or changes in behaviour (whether or not post-birth), then we can advise further on any action to take.
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Re: Eye popped out of guppy #3
Are you sure she isn't from some subspecies that has their eyes pop out after a while? If you are, then yes, try to change more water to fresh one regularily, I'm changing 30 to 40% weekly and have ran into such an issue once, on a fish that lived a long life.