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Betta Fish Not Eating #1
My Betta was purchased (male) on Friday last week and he was eating normally twice a day that day and the next but on Sunday I was out of the house for 3 hours and he jumped, he made his way across the room and when I got back after a quick search I found him but he was dry and attempting to attack me for picking him up. When he got back in his tank his fin had deteriorated and just wasn't himself anymore, he was still, lethargic and prone to picking from neon tetras which are only small. The temp has been raised to 27 degrees from 25 and since Sunday he has eaten barely anything maybe just a nibble on a flake. I have been feeding him Goldfish flakes and Tropical flakes and even blood worm sinking pellets but he doesn't seem to eat any of it. I even darkened the tank for a while but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Betta Fish Not Eating #2
I would think this is due to the stress of being out of the tank and the damage to his fins. Treat him with Esha 2000 for the fin damage and try him on either live daphnia or live bloodworm as live foods will usually tempt a fish that's not eating.