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Seeking alittle information. #1
Morning all,

First time poster after a few weeks lurking in the background lol

In a few months time ill be buying a new 60x24x18 aqua oak tank ( believe this is just over 400L ) but the confusion sets in when trying to look at the different tropical fish and there needs.

Iv researched and found out i live in a soft water area ( CaCo3 - 18.25 German Degrees - 1.02 ) Unsure of the PH as will check nearer the time.

With the size of the time would it be worth increasing the water hardness to allow a bigger choice or is there a decent choice at this level?

Not kept fish in over 20 years so A LOT has changed when it comes to knowledge regarding fish keeping.

Thanks for any help its most appreciated.
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Re: Seeking alittle information. #2

There are lots of fish that love soft water, but you would be best off hardening your water a little, particularly carbonate hardness as you may find it very hard to cycle the filter and keep it cycled with water as soft as yours. This is because the bacteria that we grow during the cycle to process fish waste need a source of carbonates in the water to function and will become dormant or die off without it. JBL Aquadur would be a useful product for you to add to your water with every water change: ... 59833772&s=gateway&sr=8-1