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API Prevent Algae has KILLED my Fish! #1
Has anyone else experienced the same devastation as me?

Added slightly less than the recommended dose in the evening after checking water parameters were all okay.
15/30 fish all DEAD in the morning and others are all struggling.
Setup a fresh tank but after a couple of days I am left with 5 fish!!!!!
Manufacturer says their product is not to blame ... BEWARE AND CHECK OTHER REVIEWS BEFORE USING
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Re: API Prevent Algae has KILLED my Fish! #2
What an absolutely devastating event to have occurred.

I would have thought that if it was this product per se which killed your fish, then others would have experienced the same and the products would no longer exist. One possibility would have been that something was awry in the tank already (detectable or not) but, for whatever reason, this was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. *However*, I’ve just had a look on Amazon and have seen your review and a number of others’ reviews which have had similar consequences, which collectively are concerning, so thanks for drawing attention to this as it might save others from the same fate! Always worth checking the worst reviews of any product to see what the nature of those reviews is.

A quick google search brought up this article ... les/10-ways-to-beat-algae which states “There are fewer algae treatments nowadays as UK legislation prevents some being sold, but remember to always check that your water is well oxygenated and filtered to cope with a sudden algae die-off.”

Going forwards, you mention that you “set up a fresh tank” – just checking that you didn’t discard the filter media altogether with its build-up of beneficial bacteria which helps process fish waste? If so, you’ll be going through a cycling process at the moment – this may account for the additional fish deaths but you’ll need to be extremely careful during this time and not add any stock. Read this: ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm

If these 5 fish are still alive, and you want to restock your tank ultimately, and you have a spare filter and tank/container, then I’d strongly advise doing a fishless cycle on the spare filter in its own tank/container to prepare it for the new fish ... hless-cycling-article.htm, then, once that’s complete and you’re ready to get new stock, transfer the filter across into the main tank along with adding the new fish. Even if you still had the existing filter media in the filter and hadn’t discarded it, the aforementioned suggestion would be a better way to restock given the recent ‘upheaval’ in the tank.

Best of luck and thanks for highlighting your horrible experience and the existence of other reviews of similar experiences.