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Rosy Barbs chasing/ rushing around tank. #1
Hi guys,
I have a 300l temperate tank. A have a few species in here but the Rosy Barbs seem to have suddenly become very erratic. I have a bachelor group of 6. ( Not intentional. When i bought them their color was duller so i assumed i had a few females). Up untill now they have been docile and rarely ever chased one another. The last few days though they have been rushing around after each other like lil demons - rushing up and down tank walls and getting a little rambuncious with other tank mates. Especially with the corys. Dont get me wrong, they are not out right attacking the corys but if they get in the way of their ruckuss, they will see them off. I have noticed though that the Danios seem to be chasing each other too alittle more than usual. I am wondering if this is because the temperature has warmed up and they all are in that 'breeding' frame of mind?. I recently added the Corys, who are also chasing one another alittle and seem to be 'pairing' up. I hope that the Corys recent appearence has'nt upset the tank and the behaviour is due too natural circumstances.

What do you all think?
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Re: Rosy Barbs chasing/ rushing around tank. #2
I'd say Spring is in the air and there's probably no need to worry