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Removing a mother from her Fry? #1
I have a 23G tank with around 15 red cherry shrimp, 4 amanos and a Bright Yellow Apisto Borelli mother and her 23ish 1 week old free swimming Fry in a well planted tank. I was wondering when or if I should remove the mother? The first time she had fry, they all disappeared within a week and I didnt know whether the mother had ate them all or the father. But this time the dad has been relocated to another tank and was just wondering if I should remove the mother as well? Thanks in Advance
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Re: Removing a mother from her Fry? #2
Apisto fry do best if cared for by their parents, but it can take a few tries before they get it right and learn not to eat them. Personally, I would leave them with the mother and only try to rear them separately if the parents consistently eat the fry.