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Help with wounds on a Galaxy Rasbora #1

I need help with my Galaxy Rasboras.
A couple of months ago one of my galaxies showed up with a wound on its side and a few days later he got a bigger wound near its face (first photo) he ended up dying, we assumed it was just fighting. Yesterday we noticed another one with a small wound, today he's looking terrible and again with a bigger wound near its face (remaining pictures).
We started off it four fish and we were thinking of getting more females to stop any fighting, but now we are afraid this might be something contagious and if that is the case we don't want to get more. Also is there anything we can do to help this guy?
Our tank has 40L with a Eheim external filter and it's inhabited by shrimps, chilli rasporas, galaxy rasporas, ottocinclus and a couple of snails.
We have tested the water and the values are all the normal for our tank, we've had our tank for a year and a half, and the galaxies for 6 months.

I'm sorry but since I'm not able to upload the pictures here are the links for them:

Thanks in advance
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Re: Help with wounds on a Galaxy Rasbora #2
This may be a simple bacterial infection so I would treat with Esha 2000. If that does not help it may be something more serious so do the extended course (5 days) of Esha 2000 and then get back to us if there's no improvement. Fingers crossed.