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Downsizing tropical tank #1
I’ve already downsized my tropical tank once and now I only have one little clown pleco left but he is about 5 years old and I’m attached to him somewhat as he has survived since my first tank of fish. I’m clearly not cut out for fish keeping but I tried really hard but for one reason or another I’ve lost the others. We never see him he just hides away in his treasure chest so given I don’t have any other fish in the tank and don’t plan to add any others, would it be ok to downsize him to something significantly smaller like a table top tank? And does anyone have any good suggestions for a tank that fits a small heater and bubble generator?

I have a fresh water tank too which only has one remaining Dennison Barb which is about a year old. I’ve seen somewhere that they are now considered endangered (how true that is I don’t know) so I wanted to give him a new home as I know they are schooling fish and should be with others and certainly don’t think he should be downsized but upgraded!

Can I take him to a local aquarium shop? Would they take him?
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Re: Downsizing tropical tank #2
The clown pleco needs a tank with bases dimensions of at least 2ft x 1ft, so a table-top tank isn't enough. Make sure he has plenty of bogwood to chew on as it's a vital part of his diet.

It's quite likely that a shop would take the dennison barb, but won't give you anything for it - best to ask first though rather than just taking him in.