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Guppy - no prastites visible but could it be bacterial infection? #1
I tried so many pages to find out what's wrong with my guppy... I have 4 guppies others are well, except supper aggressive towards poorly guppy since he is not well.
So Pearl started swimming differently (first sign)... he is not using just his tail but the half of his body... it's like he is swaying all the time, over night he is going on the bottom of the sink and lays there, not even going up when food is given, it only makes him to wake up when there is a danger (like me coming with camera to take a picture or I used my fish tank stick to see if he is dead). When he wakes up he is generally angry attacking others, and also other attacking him.

I can't see any parasites, colours are pretty normal, not sure if he is feeding normally (he used to be greedy pants) seems less greedy , i would even say disinterested.

Is it bacterial infection? How to treat it in UK, can I treat the whole tank as I don't have hospital tank?
Many Thanks
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Re: Guppy - no prastites visible but could it be bacterial infection? #2
If there are no visible signs of infection it's unlikely to be a bacterial issue. It sounds like he may be extremely stressed from being bullied by the others. Male guppies in small groups do have a tendency to gang up on the weakest of the group, unfortunately.