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Betta fish red sores?? #1
Hi all,

I've had my male Betta for a week now (he lives on his own and no sharp objects in my tank). I've checked my waters every day with API master kit and the ammonia etc is 0. I use Prime conditioner and I've done water changes.

But I've noticed he has what looks like red sores on him, maybe he had them at the beginning but I don't think he did. He seems happy, swimming about, sleeping at night, started making a bubble nest the other day, eats his pellets (every other day I feed him)

Could someone please see from the images I've uploaded in the link below if there is an issue with him? He's my first fish and only tank.
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Re: Betta fish red sores?? #2
I'm afraid I can't see what you mean from the picture as it's quite blurry and he seems to have some red pattern anyway.

Did you cycle the tank with ammonia before you got him? Have you tested the water today and if so what are your results for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?