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Hi everyone,

I have 200L tank with goldies. I have recently discovered what looked like a growth under the scales on Luna, my goldie. I added antibacterial treatment as it was recommended by everyone.
A week in, this is how the wound looks like(attached photo)... I cannot find anything on the internet looking similar to this and I do not know what to do to help her.
At the beginning it was looking very red and much more sore, bit now it looks like... holes. 😐
Would anyone be able to give me a hand on this? Has anyone experienced this before? Any tips on how to treat her? Today we are gonna perform a 70% water change and put more treatment in as it is recommended to double dose.
Please, help me!
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I'm afraid your picture hasn't shown up - can you try again? Make sure it's only about 800 pixels wide. Would you please post more details about your tank - number of fish, test results for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? Which medication have you been using?