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Stocking Levels - can I add more #1
Hi, new to site today and new to fish keeping 1 year ago.
Tank is 60cm long and holds 99 litres; internal filter. Hard water & PH 7.6 / 7.8.
Intended inhabitants will be: 8x guppies; 7x lemon tetras; 3x honey gouramis (1m/2f); 6x panda corys; 4 nerite snails and a handful of amano shrimp. The ThinkFish website calculator leads me to believe I have capacity to add more fish. Would like to add a "feature" fish rather than increase levels of current inhabitants further. What are your thoughts / suggestions.
Many thanks
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Re: Stocking Levels - can I add more #2
That's quite lot of stock. Thinkfish tends to overestimate the stock compared to many other sources. How high does nitrate go between water changes? If it's rising quite high (40ppm max) I would stop at the stock you have. If not, then it depends largely on what you had in mind as a centrepiece in terms of how compatible it would be with your other stock and what would suit your water. I would normally suggest a male or pair of dwarf cichlids such as rams or apistos, but they're not practical as you have hard water.