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mystery fry #1
Hi, I have a lovely tank with only male endlers and guppies. However, yesterday I notices a completely different looking fry in my tank, it's a yellow and black stripy thin fry which is hiding by the piece of wood at the bottom of the tank. I have tried to upload an image here. I thought it might be a kuhli loach fry but am not sure. Can anyone identify and also do you think others might be lurking in the tank? Or perhaps this is just one rogue egg managed to somehow stowaway on a plant into my tank?
Many thanks for any help!

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Re: mystery fry #2
I can't say for sure that it's a kuhli especially as there are no reliable reports of captive breeding, but it does look like one. It may be something else, time will tell. Whatever it is, it will have come in as an egg on a plant I expect. There's a possibility of more, but it's unlikely that more than one would have made it into the tank and hatched and evaded being eaten.