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Overfed Goldfish #1
Hey guys!
I have 2 goldfish (black moor), they’re not fully grown probably around 3 inches.
My boyfriend (thinking he was being nice and doing a good thing) gave them a full cube of frozen blood worm last night when I usually get through a cube in a week atleast. So they’ve clearly been overfed, they seem completely fine apart from extra fish waste.
I was thinking of giving them a couple of soft unshelled peas to help with their digestion but I’m not sure if this will make the problem worse?
Do you guys suggest feeding them today at all or giving them some time unfed as they’ve eaten way too much last night?
The fish seem completely fine I’m just worried, I havent fed them anything yet today.
Advice is welcome and would be much appreciated, thank you :)
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Re: Overfed Goldfish #2
Good that they seem fine so far.

I'd recommend giving them a break from feeding today and possibly tomorrow too. This will do them no harm at all and is likely to be of benefit. Conversely, if you gave them some peas as well, there is a possibility that the combination of the frozen bloodworm plus the peas may bloat them or produce too much of a laxative effect.

Hope that's helpful.