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New Goldfish sometimes sitting at bottom of tank #1
Hello. I’ve not been on this forum for quite a few years as had my last goldfish for 9 years. Nearly four weeks ago I purchased a small goldfish (only fish in the tank). Three weeks after we got him I found him at the bottom of the tank (also swimming sometimes) so I did a 50% water change and have fed pea for the last few days. Only four days later, he is at the bottom again (and swimming). Do I don another water change? If so, do I siphon the tank again or can I just get some water out and put new in? Also is it ok to feed a small fish flakes? I am give 2 or 3 tiny flakes (or pea). Sometime I worry i am not giving enough and sometimes I worry it is too much!
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Re: New Goldfish sometimes sitting at bottom of tank #2
Can you give us some more information, please?

Tank size
Was it cycled before adding the fish and if so how?
Test results: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH