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Yellow lab cichlid scale irritation? Help! #1
I have a yellow lab in a 90 gal with a green terror and an Oscar and a smaller albino pleco. It always hides in the corner and has recently developed some really nasty scale irritation (it looks like the scales have been flipped up or battered). I’m unsure whether it’s from it getting attacked by other fish or some sort of disease. Please help! (I can’t post the photo, should I just link it somewhere?)
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Re: Yellow lab cichlid scale irritation? Help! #2

The yellow lab is from lake Malawi and shouldn't be in the same tank as an Oscar and Green Terror. He needs harder water than they do and that may be why he's unwell. How hard is your water and what is the pH?

If you resize the photo to a smaller size it may upload OK (800px wide). Otherwise, link to it somewhere.