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54litre/ 14 gallon stocking. #1
Hi guys,
I recently aquired a 54litre/ 14 gallon ( for americans). So i wanted to do a little tropical set up. Im used to temperate/ coldwater and have a temperate 300 litre currently set up and running well. The previous owner had given me 6 very young female guppies to put in it along with some of their original tank water. They are doing fine so far, no issues. But i was wondering if there was anything else i could put in there to add a bit of color. It is not a rectangle tank, it is cube in shape. So im unsure if that matters stocking wise.

Any suggestions wil be well recieved :).
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Re: 54litre/ 14 gallon stocking. #2
Can you post the pH and gH of your water please so we can suggest suitable fish?
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Re: 54litre/ 14 gallon stocking. #3
As long as you don't throw a male guppy in there you should be okay

But seriously, what sort of thing are you looking to keep? Planted/Unplanted?