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I need a good aauarium dhop in london to help Seth #1
This is my 3rd fish.. a nlavk moor named seth.
i need s bigger rank, s better filver, better plants
and to talk to done one.
I livevin north lonfon but will travel snywhere thats an hour eavh way.

Zi dont want him to get divk like thevoranvdas.

Hes in a 55 gallen tsnk snd the filterr isnt the best from Pets at hime. Ive ordered sn external one but need a goibigger better tank snd great plants snd domeone yo talk to in oerson.
Eccuse the typos... im so tired!

Anyone know of s good aquariam dhop in Camden, maida vale , central london?

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Re: I need a good aauarium dhop in london to help Seth #2
I can't help with London shops as I'm a long way from there, but if you have a 55-gallon tank it's plenty big enough. Did you maybe mean 55 litres? If so you will need to upgrade to at least 180 litres for your goldfish. Have a look at these articles: ... -size-life-expectancy.htm
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Re: I need a good aauarium dhop in london to help Seth #3
There is a great deal of variation between and even within local fish/aquarium shops - some staff are trained to sell products and mainly those which their particular shop stocks and to sound knowledgeable and convincing in order to make sales, other staff have a varying range and breadth of expertise (some with little experience and others with many years of experience but very stuck in their ways and who haven't evolved with time or embraced new developments). For that reason, I'd exercise a word of caution if hoping that speaking to someone in a local shop will provide you with all the answers you need.

Generally, Eheim and Fluval have a solid and excellent reputation, so filters or tanks or any products from either of them will be good. Juwel tanks also have a good reputation.

If you are upgrading the filter, then do make sure that you don't subject the fish to an unnecessary fish-in cycle - make sure you transfer all of the existing filter media into the new filter just before switching it on for the first time to ensure that it's instantly cycled (or, if running both the old and new filters, put some of the media from the old filter in the new filter to ensure that the beneficial bacteria 'seed' the new filter).

I'm not familiar with London and its local fish/aquatic shops (LFSs) but have read of some which have a good reputation including an area which has a large concentration of LFSs within the vicinity (about 5 within 1 square mile or similar!) - I'll try to unearth the information and post it on here if/once I find it but Crew's Hill rings a bell as the name of the area. The latest edition of Practical Fishkeeping magazine mentions The Aquatic Design Centre in London and Maidenhead Aquatics at Morden as topping their readers' poll for the London area for last year.

[Edited to add: my memory was correct. Wildwoods ( is the name of one of the LFSs, and apparently there are a lot of others in the area. After a quick google search, I've found Ocean Marine Aquatics, Kingfisher Aquatics, and a few branches of Maidenhead Aquatics such as Enfield, and a Crew's Hill Pet Shop - wow, spoilt for choice if you go to that area! A bit further north, there's also ND Aquatics who make custom-made aquariums.]