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Help! #1
We have had our fish tank for more than a year and after a few deaths initially have had none until the middle of October. We bought 2 electric blue rams and added them to our tank. Since then we have had roughtly one death a week. First the fish start swimming about funny and then they seem to just die. The water is showing to be fine at the moment but has on occasion shown nitrites(NO3) as slightly high. We have done regular water changes and removed some of the algae. None of the dead fish had any strange features until one last week had huge popped bloodshot eyes. I read about popeye but none of the others seemed to have these symptoms. Any help appreciated!!!
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Re: Help! #2

Can you post full, actual water test results please? Also what test kit are you using?
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Re: Help! #3
As well as actual water test results and brand/type of testkit you use (as per previous reply), it would also be helpful to let us know your water change regime and also whether/how you clean your filter. Thanks. :)