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dropsy or bloat?? #1

This is first post so sorry if it's in the wrong bit.

I have a problem with my goldfish that's really confusing, the goldfish seems to be showing signs of dropsy for about two weeks now, scales don't stick out completely but are raised, no lack of appetite, colour is great, slightly lethargic at times bit otherwise fine.

Goldfish was on its own in a fifty gallon cycled aquarium, tank had been cycled for about 6 months now.
I have moved the goldfish into my 28 litre tank to treat it but I'm not sure really what to do, I have tried Epsom salt baths and I have also added a small amount of epsom salt to the tank, I have been feeding strictly garlic soaked Vegetables just in case the bloat is a digestive issue but I doubt it at this stage.
I have read online to try aquarium salt baths but seem to have come across mixed reviews on weather it helps or makes it worse so I have avoided it for now.

Ammonia: 0

That is all I can test for with the API master freshwater test kit.

My thoughts are that if the fish had dropsy it would basically be dead or show more symptoms of being unwell but he seems pretty good other than slight lethargic at times, I know it is a female goldfish so I don't know if maybe she could be egg bound?

Is there anyway for me to tell if she is eggbound or if it is 100% dropsy?

If the fish has dropsy I would consider euthanasia but I won't do that until I see more signs of suffering and know that the goldfish has no chance of survival.

Any thoughts or advice on this would be great, sorry if this is a long post!

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Re: dropsy or bloat?? #2
Apologies for the late reply.

How is the fish now - has there been any change at all?

It sounds as though you're doing all the right things in terms of addressing diet, trying Epsom salts, etc. I definitely would NOT advocate euthanasia when the fish's behaviour and appetite are otherwise fine.

Dropsy is often the end stage of another problem such as a bacterial infection but, at this stage, it doesn't sound as though there are other signs which indicate this. If there were, then I would advocate something like eSHa 2000 or Waterlife Myxazin, but I'm not convinced this is required.

If the fish were egg-bound, then Epsom salt baths (1 tablespoon per gallon of water) ought to help / have helped.

What is the nitrate reading for your tap water? The reason I'm asking is that, ordinarily, there is some nitrate in tank water and, if there's none, it might suggest a problem with cycling. Your reading for the tap water will help us work out whether or not there may be a cycling/mini-cycle underway. Have you done anything lately which might have contributed to a mini-cycle such as removing/replacing the filter media?