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New fish owner - Rescued fish -would appreciate advice #1
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my question, I find myself in need of advice!

I just want some advice/confirmation that I have done things as best I can.

I have never kept fish before, and until one week ago had no knowledge whatsoever.

My brother was moving house, and couldn’t take his fish with him, so I agreed to take on his tank and fish.

The fish in question were two white cloud mountain minnows, although this wasn’t known initially and required quite some time looking at pictures of freshwater fish to identify.

The tank, filter and heater were all filthy with heavy algae growth, the water was green and the fish were listless and inactive. They were kept at 25 degrees C.

The fish were moved to my house on the day of moving and the tank was cleaned. Further research showed me that the tank conditions were not ideal so I set out to correct this.

The original setup was;

Original 72 litre tank, 60 wide, 30 deep and 40 tall.

Original basic sponge filter

I have added the following;

Fluval U2 internal filter (three stage filtration)

JBL Manado Substrate

3 live plants (unknown type, temperate freashwater)

2 pieces real bogwood (aquarist bought)

Collection of stream worn rocks and pebbles (aquarist bought)

Small plastic “rock cave feature” (aquarist bought)

New heater

Water temperature is maintained at 20 degrees C in an unheated room.

Water readings from newly purchased API liquid test kit (tested daily for a week with no variance)

Ammonia – 0

Nitrite – 0

Nitrate – 0

PH – 8

GH – 180

KH - 120

The new filter is running in conjunction with the old, until the new filter develops the required biological build-up.

As the fish were listless and dull, I attributed this to loneliness and purchased 5 gold clouds and 6 White Clouds.

The fish seem happy and healthy and the original two have re-gained their colour and activity.

I am concerned that have made a full water change, and added so many new things to the tank that I may have upset the biological balance within the tank. I have added a biological starter to the water, that states it is safe for use with fish in the tank to hopefully help counteract this. If you have any advice regarding this I would be very grateful.

I would also like to ask whether I need to be worried about the water hardness, and if you have any advice regarding dealing with this if it needs addressing. I would also appreciate any advice regarding tank stocking, maintenance, whether the decisions above were correct? Having taken on the responsibility of caring for these two fish I want to ensure I am giving them the best quality of life I can.

With regards to foods, I have an omnivorous flake as a staple, and have purchased freeze-dried blood worms and freeze-dried brine shrimp as treats. Is this sufficient and what should the flake to bloodworm/shrimp ratio be?

Any additional advice or guidance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated, I am very much enjoying these fish and would really appreciate some advice in insuring they are well cared for and happy.

If anything above is unclear, or you need any further information regarding the setup etc. please let me know

Thank you in advance
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Re: New fish owner - Rescued fish -would appreciate advice #2
Well done on taking them on and improving things for them. Your large water change and tank additions are fine as evidenced by your test results. Rather than run the two filters side-by-side, put the sponge inside your new filter in place of its own media - cut up if necessary.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are adaptable to a wide range of water parameters and the levels you have should be fine for them.

Ongoing, test the water weekly just before a 25% water change. Watch for the filter flow slowing and when it does, take out the media and rinse it in a bucket of tank water then put it back.

Hope this helps, and please ask if you have any further questions.