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Auratus bloated #1
Hi, He is alone in a small 40L tank{its temporary} . Im feeding with JBL novo Malawi, water P are 0,0,10.he is about 8 cm. about 2 mouths ago He had a sunken belly and i treated him with prazi which appred to help and i also increased the amount im feeding a bit. it seemed to help but then about a mounth later he started to seem a bit bloated ,so i deacresed the amount but still more then what it used to be.there was a bit of improvment for 2 weeks and then it stopped and got worse, now he looks very bloated.There arent any raised scales,his colors are pale and he is pooping white stingy poo.yesterday morning he didnt wanted to eat but today he did ate.
What do you think is it? on what treatments you reccomend? I dont have a photo..Thank you
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Re: Auratus bloated #2
What are the pH, gH and kH? What are you feeding him?