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Suitable tank size for Perch #1
Hi guys,

I have a 120l tank that I’d like to use for some native predatory fish. I know the tank will be too small for pike but would it be ok for2 or 3 perch? I would be housing them on their own. If not any other species? Thinking sticklebacks. Any advice on keeping this type of cold water fish?
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Re: Suitable tank size for Perch #2
Perch and other coldwater species are not suitable to be kept in tanks as they all need large areas to swim in. 120 litres is way too small, you would be looking at 500 litres minimum for a pair of roach, perch or similar. Sticklebacks would work well though and are available at some shops. There's a good article from Practical Fishkeeping magazine on setting up a tank for sticklebacks: ... p-a-tank-for-sticklebacks