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External heaters #1
Upgrading shortly to a trigon 350ltr tank. Will be running a fluval fx4 canister filter to aid water changes.
Im looking to use an external heater. Looked at hydor but they only cover to 300ltr. Struggling to find others with reviews.
Can anyone assist
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Re: External heaters #2
I'm unsure how things work with marine and external filters but you could either use two externals with a 200w Hydor on each or use a decent Eheim thermofilter which has a built-in heater of the correct size. For instance, on my 6ft freshwater tank I use an Eheim Pro 2 2128 with built-in heater suitable for a 600-litre tank at one end and a JBL Crystalprofi e1501 with a 300w Hydor external heater at the other.