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temperate tank #1
10 year old son has been expressing an intrest in having an aquarium, we have agreed upon a temperate tank which we hope to keep between 6=8 on the ph scale. having gone through a few fish keeping books we have come up with a list of fish suitable for the temperatures the tank will be kept at and suitable for the ph as well, with one book even giving a list of fish suitable for our needs (Danios, White Mountain Minnows and Borneo Suckers) would it be possible to add others over time such as Rosy Barbs,Variatus Platy,Red Tail Splitfin, Golden Barbs, Guppys. Son would also like some shrimps as well with Algae Eating Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp being suitable for tank temp range. I am aware that not all these fish might be compatable as community fish and also that they will need added to tank over time. A friend has offered us a tank that was used for keeping Goldfish and it is larger than any I have seen in local Pets at Home store but if having all of the fish mentioned above would need a tall tank rather than a long one I'm more than capable of making one(joiner to trade) Advice sought from any members on whether this is possible or from members that already have a tank with a mix of the fish mentioned. Hope to have a mix of strata on bottom of tank with a mix of plants(Java Fern,Java Moss, Cryts, Green Caomba, Chrystal Wort)

Please be gentile with replys, last fish I had was won at the Fair more than 40 years ago.

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Re: temperate tank #2
To advise on stock we need to know a few things, please. What are the internal dimensions of the tank? How hard is your tap water (you can find out from your supplier's web site).

You won't be able to keep all of those fish in one tank - usually, 2-3 species is the most that can co-exist happily, especially as many need to be in groups of their own kind which takes up quite a lot of your available stocking space.

Borneo suckers aren't suitable for a general community as they have very specialised needs including massive algae growth for feeding and a highly oxygenated, fast-flowing riverbed type of set up. Guppies aren't temperate so won't be possible. Tanks need to be long and wide rather than tall. Adding height usually doesn't allow for extra stock as it's floor space that's needed for territorial space and swimming room.