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BiOrb Life 60 #1

Newbie to the fishkeeping forum and to the keeping of fish in general.

I desperately want to set up my first aquarium but have very limited ‘appropriate’ space to do so.

Of the aquariums i’ve looked at the BiOrb Life 60L seems the most suited to the space I have available due to its small footprint,

My questions:
1. Is this tank suitable for small fish
2. If so please let me have stocking suggestions
3. Is there a better small footprint alternative
4. Does anyone have recent experiences of keeping this aquarium (most online forums are several years old and views are very mixed
5. Is it likely to sustain plant life
6. Anything else you might want to add

Go easy one me, I am a complete novice but want to gain knowledge and experienice so that I can have a successful small community in the BiOrb tank before upgrading to something larger when space allows - hopefully not too long.

Many Thanks
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Re: BiOrb Life 60 #2
Fish that suit this tank are very limited because of the very small footprint. Most fish need swimming length and this is only 16 inches wide. It also has a less than efficient filtration system which means even with fish that can cope with the small footprint, you can't have many fish in it. It's supplied as a coldwater tank, but there aren't any coldwater fish that can live in such a small space so you would have to add a heater and stock with either a single Betta splendens male or a small shoal of one of the tropical micro-species. Before we can advise on potential occupants we also need to know your tap water hardness and pH. You can find this information on your water supplier's website.

Because of the undergravel filter you wouldn't be able to have any plants that grow in the substrate, but could have something like Java Fern or Anubias tied onto a piece of bogwood.
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Re: BiOrb Life 60 #3
Biorb tanks are not popular. But I’ve got one and love it. After years of faffing around making sure the water was correct i stumbled accross a filter upgrade on YouTube.
I’ve purchased it and all I can say it it works. The water is perfect and the fish are so lively. Small fish are fine we had an angel in there but it’s not big enough for her. So she’s in another now and a lot happier.
The filter upgrade cost £70 but it’s well worth it!

In short, it looks great. It’s so easy to keep now. So if you’re keeping it. Search it out on YouTube and get one.