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Should I change my plant fertiliser #1

I have a Juwel Lido 120 with multiple plants in it, I am afraid I don't remember the types of plants but they are all from the Tropica range.

I don't seem to have any issue with the plants growing, however a lot of the leaves on some of the plants have multiple brown spots/areas on them, while some leaves also seem to detach and appear to be paler than others. One of the smaller plants seems to be a really dark green almost blue colour on the underside of some of the leaves as well.

From what I can find out online, am I right in saying that the plants could be lacking Phosphorus and Potassium? Potentially Zinc as well if there are brown spots appearing?

The fertiliser I am using just now is Seachem Flourish, I put in around 3ml every week after my water changes (20-30%).
Is it worth trying another fertiliser to see if this improves things (If so which one?) or should I be dosing maybe 2 times per week?

I also seem to get some green spots of algae growing on the glass. Would additional plants help reduce the algae growth (taking more nutrients away so the algae can't grow)?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!


Upon closer inspection I don't think the leaves are dark green/blue, it looks like these ones are actually turning a bit translucent.
Some of the leaves on a couple of the plants have holes in them, is this a deficiency, or could my fish pecking at the plants?
Finally, it looks like I have some algae growing on the leaves of at least 2 of the plants - dark green spots of algae, looks like it's part of the leaf actually.