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White foam on garden pond #1
Hi in addition to all other problemd going on with fish dying due to parasites i also have a lot of white foam floating on pond. Ive tried treatments with approved chemicals which disperses it only for it to reapear shortly afterwords. I have pond filter pump and another pump in my 6000 litre pond. Im told too much protein may be the cause. Anyone any ideas
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Re: White foam on garden pond #2
Yes it's true that too much protein can be the cause (Basically it means too much nitrogen).

Just test for NO2, NO3 and NH3 - High level of any of these substance can cause foam/bubble like in the water surface.

But since you are also using chemicals/medicine in your pond, this can also be the reason.
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Re: White foam on garden pond #3
As nathangoudie, points out white foam, particularly where there is agitated water (Waterfall / filter return) is caused by too much protein, I would say too much food.
Also from this end of the telescope you seem to be "adding chemicals" for the sake of wasting money, you really should find out what is wrong and with what fish, and put the affected fish in a quarantine tank, that way you save money and don't give "chemicals" to fish that do not need it.