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Help and advice tank cycle #1
Hi, I’m needing help or advice on cycle a tropical fish tank. It’s the fishless cycle I have been doing into the 4th week everything has been going along nicely so far. However I’m not at the stage that my ammonia level is around 1ppm and won’t move I have 60% planted tank. No nitrites and the nitrates have zeroed as well. Anyone any ideas why this has happened?

I use api & jbl Liquid test kits I does household ammonia with a syringe about 1half ml for my tank size never go’s past 3ppm.

Any help please thanks
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Re: Help and advice tank cycle #2
I don't have recent experience of fishless cycling and so am not best-placed to answer your question. However, if the answer to your queries isn't in this article ... hless-cycling-article.htm, then one possibility which can occur in those with very soft water is that the cycle can "stall". What is your PH and your water softness/hardless level in mg/litre CaCO3 or German degrees? You can find this information for your household area from your water/utility company website.

Hopefully someone else will be able to help but your answer to the above will help us to know whether very soft water may be a factor involved or not.