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Something wrong with my Bichir #1
I have this Juvenile Albino Senegal Bichir which has been with me for about 7 months
During that period he was perfectly fine an had no sign of injury or disease
Until last month he started going crazy and was swimming fanatically and doing several barrel rolls.I thought he wouldn’t make it but after a few moments it improved and went back to normal
Then Yesterday I came to check on him and this same thing happened but this time it looks serious
There hadn’t been improvement since yesterday.
Please let me know either the cause or cure to this urgently as many of us living around me truly love this guy.
Thanks 🙏🏼
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Re: Something wrong with my Bichir #2
Can you post some details, please?
Size of tank
List of occupants
Test results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH
Water hardness
Current temperature of water