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New fish issue #1
Hi we got a new angel fish yesterday the wife chose it so I did not get to view it,

Upon introducing it the the tank it already Looked slightly poor, I then went out and came home a few hours later and turned the lights on and looked at how the new fish settled in,
The large angel fish already shows signs of poor swimming going upside down sinking etc, signs of poor skin, blood on tail fins, poor fins and sings of fungus around the mouth,
My issue is the shop is shut today so I cannot take it back, so I go and get a treatment to see if it can cure it or knowing me it maybe dead by tomorrow but I don’t want to get the rest of the tank infected if I can help it,
Do I persist and wait to take it to the shop or just remove the fish, or leave it to die or try and treat it

All my other fish are healthy and the water is in good condition
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Re: New fish issue #2
I would take it back as soon as they're open again. There's no point starting treatment unless you want to keep it, as you won't have time to do the full course, but if you want to keep the fish, Esha 2000 is about the best medication on the market for these kinds of problems.

Your other fish are unlikely to be at risk as it sounds like the fish has suffered these problems due to poor care and poor water quality at the shop. I'd be inclined to look for a different shop for future purchases.