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New pond #1
Hi everybody,
Just signed up so all a bit new and green behind the ears.
Built a new pond last year, about 600 litres, incorporated
A filter and uv light, added a good selection of plants, gave it six months
To establish and added our first fish, goldfish and shubunkins on Sunday.
First day, fish swimming all over the pond, in the middle i submerged a plastic
Table to put plants on and for protection for the fish from herons.
Now three days in, all fish just lie at the bottom under the table .
Checked the water quality, all ok and temp now rising nicely.
Am I panicking for nothing or is it something more sinister.
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Re: New pond #2

What is the capacity of your filter?

In my experience, fish are much more active when there is a good flow and good surface movement. Just make sure your pump is strong enough (in this case your pond is not very big, but since these fish can be messy, I would go even 5000-6000l/h)

Also have a pump output create some surface flow too.

Another posibility could be the fish is sick. Are they still eating well? Is there alot of algae growing from the pond's wall?
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Re: New pond #3
Hello Charlie, when did you add the filter and UV?
when did you add the fish in relation to the UV? (had the filter / UV been sunning for some time before adding the fish?)

How does the filtered water get back into the pond? (Sorry but I can't see from here, so I have to ask)

Pictures speak thousands of words, could you post a couple of pictures?