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Is the pump and filter set big enough #1
hi we have a raised pond 2.6m x 2.4m and .6 at deepest point, so about 3700 litres? We can not get our water to keep clear. Currently looking like pea soup! We have a Pontec 8000 multi chamber filter/ pump, which says it for ponds up to 8000l without fish or 4000 with. So we thought this was perfect size. I was reading something last night that said the pump should be able to pump the entire pond volume in an hour, but ours is only 2500 litres and hour. So, do we need to change our pump for a bigger one?
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Re: Is the pump and filter set big enough #2
You were reading the wrong website.
Koi keepers turn their pond volume over once every two hours, the odd one, will turn it over every hour, but the average is once every four hours.

So as we know your pump is the right size, that leaves the filter and the UV
Do you clean your filter sponges on a regular basis?
When did you last change the UV lamp?
Also how far from the return is the pump
I have to ask, do you leave it on 24/7?

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