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Is this needed for the filter? #1
Okay so, this tube thing came with the filter and I didnt add it on as I wasnt too sure what it is for, and still am not,

I thought it was something like from the filter of my old 19L tank where it would float above the water and you could turn it to change how much air goes in, but as you can see from the photos, it doesnt turn to let air in, its a very long screw type lid which makes me think nothing is meant to enter it? as you can see how long the screw part is for it?

If you look at the very bottom of the photos, the (kinda) J shaped thing, that was on my old filter too but again, the tube has a long screw lid at the top, not something you turn to change the amount of air entering so im confused

Look next to that, on Fig 1 a strong flow of air gets pushed out there, you cant see it, its invisible but if you put your finger there you can feel it, and the fish get blown away if they swim up to it!

so I was thinking maybe I am supposed to attach fig 3 to fig 2? but what would tat do? and would I have the screw lid screwed shut or completely open?


*edit, i added a photo but it wont attach, bare with*
*edit2, got the photo to attach*

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Re: Is this needed for the filter? #2
It's a venturi for adding air. It goes on the spout marked "2" on your pics and the top of it should be out of the water. You partially unscrew the cap on it to regulate how much air it adds.

It's not actually needed as the rippling of the water from the filter return should be enough to allow gas exchange so you can leave it off if you want to.