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Glazed eyes #1
Please can anyone help me - my very old goldfish has swollen glazed eyes - what can I do to help him ? I have had him for around 10 years and he is usually healthy
All advice greatly appreciated

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Re: Glazed eyes #2
How long has he had the swollen, glazed eyes for? How is the rest of his behaviour and appetite - have these changed at all?

What size is your tank (or does he live in a pond?) and does he have tankmates (if so, how many)? What is your water change regime (how often you change the water and what percentage do you change at a time) and filter maintenance regime? What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings immediately pre- regular water change?

Sorry for all the questions. Many fish health problems can be due to sub-optimum water quality and, as they get older, fish can become less tolerant of this. Your answers to the above questions might help us shed light on the problem and suggest potential changes which might address the problem from the root cause rather than simply suggesting a potential medication which might address it in the short-term but not get to the underlying cause and prevent recurrences of this. For example, it might be as simple an issue of increasing the frequency and quantity of water changes to improve water quality or tweaking the filter maintenance regime but we'll be able to advise better once we know the answers to these questions. :)