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Being convinced by LFS that marine is easy ... true or up-selling? #1
Hi guys,
Not posted in a while. Moved house a couple of years ago and not had a tank until my father-in-law recently sold us his Juwel Rio 240. I was planning on doing an African Ciclid tank and when I visited a LFS, they tried to put me off, stating the aggressive nature of African Ciclids (having been well aware of this fact). But then went on to say that a marine/reef tank is actually easy to do. I have already bought substrate (BD Trading Sand) and rocks to buffer the PH and also have an Eheim external filter and started a fishless cycle.
So would I need to buy a hell of a lot more equipment to go marine? The lighting unit is standard so would the marine T8 light tubes do?
Sorry if I seem like a complete marine noob because, well, I am! It just seemed like I was being fobbed a little in order to sell more expensive fish! But I won't lie, I would love a marine setup ... but time and funds are reasonably tight.