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help for fancy goldfish swim bladder deaths #1
Hello, my dad has kept various cold-water and tropical fish for a long time. His favourites are large fancy cold-water fish. He has a large good quality tank, and very good filtration and looks after it well. He buys large fancies, which are okay for a few months, then they go upside down for a few weeks, swim bladder issues presumably, before dying. Happens EVERY time, has lost loads over the years. He maintains the tank and filter religiously. I think he over feeds them, and feeds mostly flake or pellets. He gives them lots of treats, daphnia and blood worms etc. He enjoys them getting excited when he feeds them, which is every day. Never feeds so much, that food is left over. I've tried persuading him to switch to a plant and veg diet, including peas etc. Is overfeeding, or too much of a certain type of food the likely cause. He puts lots of effort in, but gets exactly same result. Not so much of an issue for his small fancies, always the large expensive ones. Please help with somefeeding advice. Are there certain foods that you can feed regularly, that are better for them? Thanks
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Re: help for fancy goldfish swim bladder deaths #2
How big a tank is it in terms of dimensions and volume? [The reason I'm asking is because many people think that the tank they have is very large or others comment on how large it is when actually it's out-of-date with the current thinking on a suitable sized tank for goldfish and the number being kept.] Take a look at the specific Caresheets for the type of fish here, noting the minimum tank size required for 1 fish and how much larger the tank ought to be for each additional fish: ... esheets.php?cat=Coldwater ... t-size-tank-for-goldfish/
Water quality, fish breeding and numerous other aspects mean that what might have been appropriate several decades ago no longer works and needs to be adapted accordingly. The links should also explain why it is important that a tank is of appropriate size.

Is water quality (ammonia, nitrite and nitrates) being tested at least weekly? If so, that needs to be done to ensure optimum water quality at all times - it is the most common source of many fish health problems.

Is there anything else from your reading of these articles (several articles in here of key importance in goldfish care), ... bladderbuoyancy-problems/ and ... /goldfish-and-their-diet/ which is not being done or being done incorrectly? If so, addressing each of these ought to help address the problem.

If all the above are being done/addressed, then feel free to come back to us with further questions.