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Vortex issue - Too low :( #1

I installed a new pond, connected it all up with a bottom drain, Bead, pre-filter, etc etc..all good!

However I filled the pond - and you guessed it - 1.5 ft short of the pond level I wanted.

I fixed this with a extension to the vortex (home made) and worked well for about 1 year - but leaked a little.

I have now decided to fix this are currently running the vortex as intended and removed by home made solution consisting of pond liner and silicon.

Any ideas on how to extend a vortex - i.e. material, or other solution?

Moving the vortex higher is not an option as its all plumbed into the bottom drain - not impossible, just not ideal.

Any ideas welcome...
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Re: Vortex issue - Too low :( #2
Pictures would help.
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

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