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Fish disaster, one surviror #1
Hi there
My Hubby and I bought a property 9 months ago with a garden pond with 3 gold fish and 3 Koi. Pond about 6 foot by 3. We knew very little about fishkeeping. Everything was OK till this weekend. We had de-aglaed the pond a few months back and it had been fine. We were feeding them everyday and enjoying seeing them zipping around. On Saturday I cleared some plants that were choking the pond and stopping them from reaching the other end of the pond. My hubby de-algaed then put the pump on. Then A few hours later we noticed fish at the top of the pond and bubbly stuff at the surface of the water. Sadly 5 out of 6 of them died. We feel really sad and bad about it. I think we may have inadvertently killed them due to ammonia or lack of oxygen. We really don't know. However 1 has survived. He/she seems to be hiding from the world and isn't taking the food I have put out for him/her. Can anyone advise how we can take care of this little fellow. Is he feeling frightened and lonely?
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Re: Fish disaster, one surviror #2
Hi and sorry for your lost

Without picture or a clearer description of the dead fish symptoms, it's very hard for us to tell why they died. How did you de-algaed your pond?

Since you first joined the fish keeping hobby, I'd just put it short that it's a lot more than just keeping the fish alive :).

One essential tool for this hobby that we suggest every fish keeper should have is a water test kit. Most people here recommend API freshwater master test kit as it's accurate.

Once you have the test kit, you will need to learn about nitrogen cycle (Basically the cycle of fish waste). This is the next important thing to know to keep your fish alive and healthy. You will need the test kit for this cycle ... 1&keywords=fishless+cycle

After that, you can learn about the preferred environment for goldfish (same as koi) by testing the pH. It'd be nice to have a kH and gH test kit too but it's not completely necessary. ... esheet.php?caresheetID=61

When you were de-algae-ing your pond. Were the fish scared or stressed?