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New pond keeper #1
I have been given a FishMate 5000uv pressurised filter which is connected to a PondTeck 2500 pump with 20mm polyhose,i would like the pump to also feed a small fountain,is there a fitting which would do this,and where would I get one?.I am new to pond keeping so am open to any advice.
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Re: New pond keeper #2
Hi, and welcome.
Thanks for the info, it really helps.

Sorry to say but it doesn't work like that.

First of all your pressurised UV and filter needs to be on 24/7 in order to work, this in turn means (If it were possible) That your fountain would also be on 24/7 and as ambient noise falls so a small fountain can become noisy.

Secondly not all pumps are the same, the pump you have is designed to pump a "high volume at low pressure" which is great for a filter. Fountain nozzles need high pressure at reasonable volume (Its more complex than that in reality)

So the pump you have is great for a filter but no use for a fountain, you would be better off buying a small fountain pump (NOT solar) and connecting that via a weather proof switch to the same supply that runs the other pump / U.V.

Hozelock make a small fountain pump that can be had for around ?30
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

Sorry if my reply is NOT want you want to hear, but what I have said is true.

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