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  • Posted on: 22/4/2017 11:29
New Pond - Adding Fish #1
Hi All,

I have recently installed my first pond and just wanted some advice from experienced pond keepers on the best way of introducing first fish,

So the pond has been established for a week so far, has been running with filter on since setup - the volume is 1,000 litres so only looking to add a small number of comets - filter is a UVC for a 10,000 litre pond so is sufficient. De-chlorinator was added on setup too.

I have kept fish indoors for a number of years but wanted to know how long to leave the pond running before adding fish and best method to cycle the pond, i've seen lots of different ways of doing so but wanted to see what is the best practice.

I am thinking add plants after the fish? as there will be no nutrient for the plants to thrive on?

If needed i can supply pictures to show setup,

Thanks in advance