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Poorly fish - need advice #1
Hello, my fish had a sore on her side and brown/red lump on end of her tail. We were told it was a fungal and brought some esha 2000.

We took the black carbon filters and the decor rock out and used as per instruction. The sore on her side has gone but she has another spot on her back fin a fb it has a tare in in.

I am unsure if we can use the esha treatment and we have not yet done a water change since the treatment. I have read online to try aquarium salt.

Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice please.
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Re: Poorly fish - need advice #2

We would need a picture to help you better.

Also what's your fish? Tank size? Water readings (pH, NH3, NO2, NO3, gH and kH is possible).

Don't use aquarium salt. Not all fish can tolerate them.