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  • Posted on: 2017/2/16 0:26
No growth #1
Juwel 350 ltr. Has been set up several years now. Plant growth has been average at best. About two to three months ago i got a really bad algae outbreak - Dark green in colour and about an inch long and looked like dog fur. Covered everything except the glass. After several weeks i got it under control with the assistance of 'Easy Life, Algexit.'
The algae has now gone and ive been doing 20 - 25 % weekly water changes since. I have to do that amount due to my 14" Plec who can leave half a can of spaghetti in one go sometimes !
The plants arent growing. They are very brittle, look wilted, weak and break easily. The Algexit has been gone at least 6 water changes now. Do you think the Algexit has somehow affected them?
Should i discard and start again?

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Re: No growth #2
Sounds like you need to change your plant food. Something with plenty of Nitrate and Phosphate in it etc