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Can I keep rams in my tank #1
Hi everyone!!

I am new here :)

I have currently got a fluval roma 200L tank with a fluval U4 filter. I do weekly 40% water chnages. My tank currently has 3 angelfish and was wondering if I can keep rams in there as well? If so, how many would I be able to keep? Would angelfish and rams get on well together? Also, do you recommend getting any specific type of rams- like german blue ram? Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Can I keep rams in my tank #2
Hi and welcome,

What's your water reading? (pH, kH, gH?)

Depends on your water but most rams should be fine with angels.

Both specie will become aggressive when spawning so you may have some aggression problems once in a while.

And also in my experience, if they managed to pair up then they will spawn eggs quiet often.