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Discus Behavior #1
Hi All I have a pair of Blue Turquoise Discus which keep at each other their about 5 inches and 4 inches the bigger one is at the smaller one they both have laid eggs in the past one more than one occasion and eat them I have been told their are both Females after putting Pictures on the Internet.
I Have never had this problem with these two before only the last few days.
I have 8 other discus in the same Tank and one Blue diamond keeps chasing them to.
They also got this Flickering Motion between them both, Side to side to each other and they go Nose to Nose at each other, I have done no other changes to the Tank or add any more Fish.
Any Help to this Problem.
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Re: Discus Behavior #2
Interesting topic.

I have no experience on Discus but Im planning on keeping them too.

It could be the mating time for them? Most cichlids become aggressive during breeding time or once they paired up.

Also it makes no sense that they lay eggs if it's 2 females....