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New LED lightning #1
Hello fishkeepers.
I'm new in this :) just got fish tank with loads of catfish type fishes.
Just a week we are taking care of our new pets :)))

the hood with lamp in our aquarium was broken, and we are looking for new lightning, as a fishtank is very very old, we cant find new hood, and dcided to look on LED lightning clip on light or underhood light, or any other LED lightning. Found on ebay for different price starting from 15? and up to 120?. We have 130L fish tank Hagen Tropiquarium 88.

But the questions is: does my fishes will like that LED lightning? It won't hurt them?
And what is suggested lightning?

I have Ancistrus ( dohlichopterus and albino) loads of them
One acanthopthalmus Kuhlii
One Corydorac Paleatus Albino

Don't have any live plants.

Any suggestions, any advices would be much appreciated.
As we are absolutely new in fishkeeping
shelly shelly
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Re: New LED lightning #2
I have 2 50 cm led colour changing led my 12 cories don't seem to mind them.
500l tank
12 Albino Cories
10 Bonasaries tetra
10 Black Skirt Tetra
10 Rummy Nose Tetra
10 Goltd Barbs