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My Rudd are dying #1
I have Blue /golden Orfe,Tench,Rudd of all ages,goldfish,Newts and frogs in my totally natural pond of 20 years water is clear and levels are showing normal.Yesterday my 2/3 Year old Rudd started to die I have lost 10 now but there is no strange behaviour and no abnormal signs on fish. I have added 4 pumps to increase oxygen levels but my Rudd are still dying can anyone help please
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Re: My Rudd are dying #2
Me, I am not a fish person, but I have to ask.
What is "levels are showing normal"

The reason I ask is that on this forum some time ago, a similar post was made, eventually the "levels" were declared, turns out the levels were "normal" .........if it was for a stick of chalk*

*My point being that what you may consider to be normal may be ok for one type of fish but not another, and just because a pond "has been ok for 20 years" doesn't mean to say its right. (My favourite has to be well it works doesn't it, so you must be wrong)
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

Sorry if my reply is NOT want you want to hear, but what I have said is true.

We can only go by what you type.

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