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Help! Parrot is really sick! #1

I have had two parrots for about 5 years, on male and one female. The female lays eggs every month or so, though the eggs never stay around too long because the other fish get to them within a few days.
Last week, she was due to lay again. Her shoot was out and she was extra aggressive, which is normal for her, around this time. Well, she never laid eggs and now she has lost all of her orange color, is bloated all over her body, and is swimming facing down. I thought she had swim bladder, so I went to the store and described the symptoms. The girl told me it could be egg binding and to put Epsom salt into the tank and rub her belly a few times a day. I've been doing this for two days and nothing has changed. She still has her appetite, though its dwindling. I've been feeding her unshelled peas when she does want to eat.
She spends all day at the top or at the bottom staring straight down and I don't know what to do. Her left eye is bulging a bit. I put a cure all in the tank, just in case there's a parasite or something, but nothing I do is improving her condition. Please help me, I'm so scared of losing her but she's suffering so terribly.