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New Pond - Filter and Pump advice needed #1
Hi guys,

I hope you're all well!

I am looking to purchase a filter and pump for my soon to be built pond... (First one ever so please excuse me if anything below doesn't make sense)

The internal size of the pond is 62" x 32" and depth of approx 3ft - which is approx 230 gallons I think... (Google told me...)

I have been looking at the Hozelock all in one easy clear and the pondXpert easy pond sets - the pond is a raised pond so unfortunately Gravity is out of the question (I Think) - The budget is fairly tight but I am hoping to keep maintenance to a minimum and I know these things don't often go hand in hand... so I was wondering if you can recommend the best option to me based on your vast experiences?

Also stocking will be fairly low with approx 4 - 6 goldfish eventually.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: New Pond - Filter and Pump advice needed #2

I was wondering if you can recommend the best option to me

I would suggest you get a new calculator.
From the figures you have given, 3 on line calculators do not agree with your answer. I even used the tank calculator to the right on this forum, that closely agreed with the other 3 results. (If you get it wrong now at the start you will have grief)

Back to your question.

When building a pond, the better the quality of products you use the less hassle they tend to give. If you buy cheap stuff you have to buy it again when it fails. (again)

An all in one units seems like a good idea until you realise the problems they have, in short you loose one bit, you have to change all of it. (you cant also can not turn either bit off) I would do your own research on them, it does not look good.

Me? always go for separate units.
Good quality costs. Bear this in mind before you start.

Sorry if my reply is NOT want you want to hear, but what I have said is true.

We can only go by what you type.

A "thank you" costs nothing, but goes a long way.