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Help on Inherited Pond #1

Need assistance on an inherited pond with our new house. I haven't the dimensions (will get out there tomorrow to get for volume of water).

I have kept indoor fish tanks (including more unusual types such as puffers etc) but the outdoor element has me stumped especially with the condition it is in. If I could get advice how to improve this for the poor fish that would be great.

Volume: TBC once get dimensions
FIsh: At least one alive in there - seen a white koi looking thing
Current State: Pea Green Soup with no visibility and a random floating toy frog. No plants in or around, it is just an insert with rancid water.

It is a rigid pond insert that has not been placed into the ground (except the very bottom of it) and has random concrete pieces holding it's sides. Needless to say it's needs work to stay but priority is to get the fish in a breathable water.

We were left some fish flakes (states koi) and other than that we are on our ownsome.

Am I best changing a large portion of water out and putting dechlorinated water back in to reduce algae problem but also introduce some oxygenated water (oh also no pumps or anything on this pond) or do I get a algae reducing product? Please do give me pond tips including pumps etc (though again I will get the volume tomorrow)

Any help appreciated, sorry for ramblings.
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Re: Help on Inherited Pond #2
Hello and welcome.

May I suggest you have a look and read some of the topics listed Here

Pictures of what you have would also be nice.
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